Handling environment variables in Elixir/Phoenix applications

A simple approach to setting configuration values using environment variables in an Elixir/Phoenix application.

Handling environment variables in Elixir/Phoenix applications
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The nice thing about this approach is that all configuration fetching within the app is done in one module for easier debugging and finding a list of variables that can be set.

Setting configuration values

config :my_app, MyAppWeb.StaticConfiguration, 
	some_value: System.get_env("SOME_VALUE"),
    another_value: System.get_env("ANOTHER_VALUE")

Fetching configuration values

defmodule MyAppWeb.StaticConfiguration do
  defp get_config_value(key) do
    Application.fetch_env!(:my_app, MyAppWeb.StaticConfiguration)[key]
  def some_value, do: get_config_value(:some_value)
  def another_value, do: get_config_value(:another_value)

Usage within a module

# Within another module...


Hopefully this saves you some time. I couldn't find a straightforward way to do this with a quick search on the web and spent a few hours pounding my head on the table to figure this out. Happy coding! SL

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