Daily journal: #7

Some BJJ tips: look where you're going or throwing, avoiding arm strength and gassy foods and throwing to the top left/right from bottom mount.

Wednesday August 3, 2022

Things learned

BJJ: Look where you're planning to go or throw your opponent

Just like with driving, snowboarding,  etc., your body will naturally go in the direction that you're looking. If you see something you don't want to run over or crash into while moving, you should look away from it and turn. This might sound obvious, but your natural reaction is to stare straight at the thing that you want to avoid and it makes it more challenging to dodge.

In BJJ, while you don't want to pre-look or make it obvious, it's helpful to look where you're planning to go WHILE executing a move like a throw. This helps your body move in the direction you're focused on without as much manual effort.

BJJ: When bridging to buck your opponent off from bottom mount, move them to your top left/right

You have more leverage and the move is more effective when moving towards your shoulder than directly towards your side. Your opponents center of gravity is more off balance this way and requires less effort. This is especially noticeable when rolling with someone that's heavier set.

Things to improve

BJJ: Avoid trying to use arm strength when making moves. Focus on manipulating your opponents momentum and center of gravity

If you're flexing your arm muscles too much, you're probably using bad technique. While you can sometimes get away with this, it'll tire you out faster and make you more vulnerable to someone with good technique.

For example, use your body weight when pulling someone down. Or your hips and legs for the bulk of the effort when pushing away during an escape. Your biceps are not very efficient or effective on their own in moves like this.

Random thoughts

BJJ: Avoid gassy foods before training

HA! I bet you can guess why I'd mention this...

Picture this:

  • We're learning how to do an armbar
  • The style that we're drilling is when on a top mount, pushing down and grabbing your opponent's arm, quickly rotating your body to your opponents should with your butt pressed up against their shoulder for leverage and then pulling up with your legs and down with their arm at the elbow joint
  • I execute the rotation and fart LOUDLY as soon as my butt hits the ground

Will be a great story for me and him to tell, but I definitely will not be making a habit out of it, LOL. SL

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