Daily journal: #6

Some BJJ tips, and limiting coaching sessions to short blocks of time for optimal learning.

Tuesday August 2, 2022

Things learned

BJJ: Never cross your feet when your in the rear mount position

Although having your feet crossed while in a guard position is ideal, you want to avoid doing this in the rear mount because it makes it very easy for your opponent to crush your ankles.

BJJ: Always help clean the dojo after class

It takes 5 minutes if everyone joins and it's an easy way to show respect.

Things to improve

Limit coaching sessions to < 30 minutes at a time for optimal learning

It's challenging to not try to teach your mentee everything you know all at once. Especially when you're on a topic that has so many different variations and a lot of them are applicable to the current session. It's best to limit how much information and how much time you spend in a single session to 30 minutes or less so there's less information overload.

BJJ: Stay as calm as possible throughout, even if you can't breathe and/or are in a really bad position

Your body's natural reaction to getting choked, crushed, or tossed around in a weird way is to tense up and nervously try to break free. Doing so makes it much harder to think through and execute an escape in BJJ though, and it's exhausting. Having energy and a plan to escape is critical when you're in a bad position.

Save your energy and make your move.  SL

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