Daily journal: #4

Done is better than perfect, never shop for groceries on a weekend afternoon and hosting a get together is a lot of work.

Sunday July 31, 2022

Things learned

Done is better than perfect

It's way too easy to fall into the trap of thinking nothing you do is ever good enough to share with the world. "As soon as..." are the saddest words, and I've uttered them too many times. Meanwhile people all over, who in my head were much less capable, are doing way worse of a job than I ever would, are putting in the work and getting after it.

Obviously you don't want to put crap out into the world that no one needs, but my #1 motto for the current stage in my life right life is "done is better than perfect." I need to burn this phrase into my head to take over my imposter syndrome and ensure that I'm consistently putting in the work and making things happen no matter what I think.

Nothing I make will ever be perfect in my eyes. So might as well share things that I put my foot in and tried my best at, and hope that it's good enough.

Things to improve

Never shop for groceries on a weekend afternoon

It's been a while since I've made this faux pas, but it's still a doozie. We're having a cookout for a few friends today and I wanted to get fresh meat and veggies. The stadium-sized H-E-B parking lot was packed, people were moving their carts around like it was a demolition derby and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

And don't get me started about people that take their time picking out the perfect sweet potato while there's a line of people behind...

We clocked in our trip to about 45 minutes, and about 8 out of 10 mental overhead dealing with the crowd. Not too shabby!

Random thoughts

Hosting a get together is a lot of work

I get a lot of satisfaction hosting friends over at my house, cooking good food, sharing stories and catching up. But it is a lot of work when it's at your house. Deep cleaning, getting food in bulk, prepping it, cooking it, setting up, cleaning again and most importantly, making sure everyone is having a great time throughout.

I'm wrapping up this post with tired eyes, dried sweat all over, and the wonderful feeling of having a great night with some of the people that I love most. SL

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