Daily journal: #3

Keep an empty stomach and avoid the heat when running, keep things clean daily, and kick ass all day for the best sleep of your life.

Saturday July 30, 2022

Things learned

When running longer distances, really mind the heat and what's in your stomach

I've been training for the Rock and Roll marathon in San Antonio this December. It'll be my first marathon and I'm really excited. I've been running about 5 miles day for the past week in the morning or evening, but today I decided to go in the afternoon. I live in San Antonio, Texas and while I know it's hot outside, I severely underestimated how hot it would be after running a few miles. I also randomly decided to drink a protein shake and a few gulps of an energy drink right before, because why not?

I made it most of the way without stopping as usual, but the last mile was BRUTAL. I ended up walking that last part off, feeling like a failure and in full preparation of stopping to spew on the side of the road or pass out. It took me about 30 minutes to fully cool down after a cold shower. Lesson learned.

Things to improve

Clean your living and working space consistently every day

Although I take really good care of my belongings, I normally do the bare minimum cleaning to get by without things looking like a trap house. And then I do a full day of deep cleaning with my wife and bring the space back to life when I've had enough.

I forget the feeling of having a pristine house until this happens and then I vow to never let it get that way again. Until it does. But I'm excited to do a little bit of deep cleaning each day instead, one small area at a time. Hopefully I can avoid having to spend an entire Saturday again with this new approach. Time will tell.

Random thoughts

I love the feeling of working my butt off all day and going to bed

As I'm writing this, eyes barely open, and fully exhausted from a job well done today, I can't remember the last time I was as excited to go to bed and sleep like a bear. And with that, buenos noches. SL

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