Martial arts

Disclaimer: I'm still new to martial arts (white belt in BJJ) and this page serves as a notepad for what I learn in my classes.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

General heuristics

  • There are too many combinations to memorize verbatim. Focus on heuristics for situations that are applicable to variations
  • Pins are wedges supported by body weight
  • Focus on getting safe, then getting comfortable, then getting inside control by wedging in-between your opponent's wedges, then throwing off your opponent's body weight

Escape heuristics

  • Elbow escapes are the most common form of escape
  • You'll usually wedge your upper body in-between your opponent's wedges to reduce their leverage first, and then do the same with your lower body
  • Once you have inside control from getting between your opponent's wedges, you'll throw your opponent's center of gravity off balance and usually go back into a guard position and start attacking

Takedown heuristics

  • Getting really close to your opponent and grabbing them gives you a strong leverage to throw them to the ground
  • Always focus on kuzushi, i.e. off balancing your opponent's body weight

Submission heuristics

  • Focus on trapping your opponent in a submission, and having as many backups as you can if they manage a way to escape, so they escape into another trap
  • Squeeze your hips when trapping an arm in an armbar


Arm drag sweep

  • From knees, cross grab your opponent's sleeve or arm and place your feet against their knees.
  • Quickly pull them towards you while pushing their knee with the same side as the arm you're grabbing them with, i.e if you grabbed them with your left arm, push their right knee with your left foot.
  • Their body will fall to ground, either flattened out, which you can proceed to take their back or a mount/side mount, or they'll base out on their arms and try to pull back
  • If they base out with their arms, keep holding onto your original grip and quickly get an overhook with your other hand on the other side of their body, grabbing their lat muscle/armpit. Pull them in very tight against your body so there's no space between you and them
  • Hook your closest foot to them under their hamstring on the outer leg, and the other foot under their shin
  • Pull them towards you and sweep them over your body to the other side and then proceed to mount

TODO add details for the following moves that I've learned

Arm drag triangle

Arm drag armbar

Thumb choke

Spider guard to triangle

Swim arm lasso

Swim arm lasso to cross collar choke

Swim arm lasso to motorcyle grip collar choke

Standing cross collar to single leg

Single leg counter sweep

Mount to armbar

Underhook to back throw



  • All of your power comes from the torque your hips make with the twisting motion, and the push off of your back foot. Your fist is more of a vehicle that takes this power and moves it. Don't try to get the power from your arm strength like you'd expect

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